Some minor notes before your coming to Antalya Demirhan Hammam

Below, we are going to share some minor notes before your coming to Antalya Demirhan Hammam because it will be useful for a better bath experience. For detailed information, send e-mail to or call +90 (242) 247 58 59.

  • We recommend you to make a reservation for perfect hammam experience.
  • Reservation needed for group activities like bridal hammam.
  • We provide materials that you need during the hammam experience such as peshtemal, slipper, towel. (In terms of hygiene, you can bring your own towel or slipper.) Our customers are advised to have extra underwear and swimsuits.
  • It is not allowed to be completely naked in the hammam. You can cover from your waist down with the peshtemal given to you.
  • Massage theraphy is applied in special massage rooms by the professional theraphists.
  • After hammam experience, you can take a break in special rooms. If you wish, you can taste the freshly-squeezed juices in the Vitamin Bar. You can have a conversation with your close friends by drinking types of fresh tea.
  • We kindly request you not to make loud noise inside for quiet and peaceful environment for all costumers.
  • If you have sunburn or skin blemish problem, it is recommended not to have the hammam experience. And also, if you undergo any medical treatment, please be sure that the hot environment in the hammam is not going to threat your health negatively.